Zalety Mikro Hair it

Mikro Hair does not result in any undesired effects to head skin. Correctly performed Mikro Hair procedure does not harm in any way still growing hair; to the contrary, it frequently causes stimulation and new hair growth as a result of micro-needle therapy. This is because micro punctures cause better blood perfusion of head skin. A similar technique is used in Skin Needling Therapy and the only difference is that skin is then injected with vitamin preparation and not pigment. Mikro Hair does not exclude hair transplant in the future. It is an ideal supplementary solution following the transplant – it makes the hair thicker and masks scars. Its additional advantage is the immediate effect, basically with no time necessary for convalescence – right after the procedure skin is flushed only for several hours. Mikro Hair is an ideal solution for sportsmen. It is also a very attractive financial alternative while compared to other available methods of solving hair loss problem.