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Our mission is to come to the aid of men who are struggling everyday with the problems associated with hair loss. Thanks to our natural method of Mikro Hair, we offer an effective solution which allows to function normally, without the necessity to perform invasive procedures of hard to foresee effects. We have several years of experience in the field of head skin micro-pigmentation. We cooperate with two greatest clinics in Italy and the United States specializing in medical micro-pigmentation. We also have a branch in London. Our Clients come from the entire Poland as well as from abroad. Mikro Hair is a combined effect of two companies: Naturalny Permanentny and MEN Studio. Naturalny Permanentny is a company specializing in a widely understood esthetic micro-pigmentation (eyebrow, eyelid and lip pigmentation), medical (reconstruction of nipples after mastectomy, harelip, eyelash and eyebrow reconstruction after oncological treatment) and camouflage (reduction of scars, clefts and discolorations, including hematomas, angiomas, etc.). The main objective of our work is to make natural micro-pigmentations which improve or supplement or correct esthetic aspects of appearance. MEN Studio, is an international team of specialists, consisting mainly of the individuals who encountered the problems of hair loss directly. As a result, we know very well what are the needs and requirements of our Clients, and what needs special consideration Because we are well aware of the seriousness of hair loss problem and its esthetic and well as psychological effects, we have combined our efforts and created a team of professionals to propose solutions of the highest quality, thanks to which men battling with hair loss problem can significantly change their appearance and improve everyday well-being. We follow and investigate new world trends and select the best of them. We try to improve our methods everyday and extend our offer. The solutions we propose are recognized worldwide which is confirmed by a continuously growing number of satisfied Clients. We are still developing our business and proposing innovative solutions in the field of micro-pigmentation to men, which is reconstruction of superciliary arch, thickening of eyelash line, camouflage of scars, discolorations, etc. Also micro-needle therapy procedures as well as Skin Needling, regenerating head skin and stimulating hair growth, are available. You are kindly invited to professional consultations during which You will have an opportunity to discuss specific solutions, matching Your needs.